Wednesday, May 13 2015
Tuesday, May 05 2015
Roll the flour for using.    Spread some tomato Sauce ( You can make it with fresh tomato)  You can buy tomato Sauce from super market
Monday, May 04 2015
One day my neighbor asked to show me something. Slowly and Gently..... Wow. What a lovely nest and cute eggs...   I think I am slow and gentle enough, however, I still scared the Robin away with a Click of the Camera
Friday, May 01 2015
Summer is almost here. People is eager to go out to BBA.  With a call, 8 families together to BBQ. BBQ in Sunny Brook Park is so richful. Sunny Brook Park a good place to go to BBQ, the only disadvantage is no playground for little kids. A friend who is good at organizaing  arrange us what to buy, one family one or two kind of food. I prepared the shrimp.  Totally we bought around 60....
Thursday, April 30 2015
Going for a walk after dinner is so beautifu. Watch sunset and fishing and canoeing. When the fishing season is here, We will join them.  Friends together are canoeing under such beautiful view, isn't too good?  It is amazing. 
Thursday, April 30 2015
  Fishing and waiting for the sun rising      Wow, Finally, you are out and so beautiful.